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Freshwater Delivery

Wastech Services supply freshwater and can carry anywhere between 4000 and 1500 litres. Our freshwater delivery service is available 24/7 throughout Central Otago including Wanaka, Cromwell, Queenstown and Alexandra; whether you are a domestic or a commercial operation.

Is water in your tank not tasting quite right?

If you are on a rainwater tank supply in Central Otago or have your water tank connected to a stream, bore or well, you should get it checked if you have noticed a change in its taste, smell or colour. Water tanks can develop a build-up of harmful bacteria living in the sediment and debris in the bottom of the water tank from a layer of leaf litter, animal droppings, insects and even dead animals.

Rainwater tanks can get a build-up of heavy metals, pesticide residues, and pollutants, while groundwater tanks can contain elevated levels of substances like arsenic, nitrates and bacterial build-up. None of which is suitable for drinking. Wastech Services in Central Otago can clean and refill your water tank to ensure you have safe, palatable, and fresh drinking water.

Water Tank Refills

Wastech Services do not have a call out charge and complete both household water deliveries and farm water deliveries. We can even clean your water tank for you, whether it is a household water tank or the freshwater tank on your farm, we can clean it and deliver fresh water to ensure you have got a full tank of fresh drinking water.

Emergency Water Delivery with one phone call

Wastech Services are members of the Water Carriers Association and, where required, can offer same day delivery throughout Central Otago. If you need an emergency water delivery for your household water tank or farm water, just give us call on 0800 800 591. Wastech Services are available 24/7, 365 days a year for freshwater delivery and offer competitive rates. Alternatively, fill in the form.

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