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Septic Tanks & Sumps

Wastech Services operate throughout Central Otago, offering a 24/7 service, 365 days of the year. For farm effluent pond and sump cleaning, septic and holding tank cleaning or grey water emptying, free phone the friendly team at Wastech Services Central Otago 0800 800 591.

Farm Effluent Pond and Sump Cleaning

Wastech Services has a fleet of vacuum trucks, ranging from 4,000 to 15,000 litres in capacity available to siphon out effluent ponds, sumps and wedges and remove most farm waste. Wastech trucks are capable muck spreaders; spreading the effluent waste on your farm, which is an excellent and efficient way to decrease your fertiliser needs. Wastech can offer regular effluent pond drainage working to a weekly, fortnightly or monthly service especially during your milking season or when you necessitate it.

Blocked effluent pipes?

No problem. Blocked effluent pipes can be resolved with our specialised jetting truck in the Wastech Services fleet.

Septic & Holding Tank Cleaning

Wastech Services empty and clean out septic tanks and holding tanks throughout Central Otago. If you are living in rural Central Otago, where you are unable to connect to town sewerage, chances are your property will have its own on-site disposal system buried on your property. Wastech Services offer qualified staff and our trucks can carry extra lengths of hose to ensure we reach those problematic and extra challenging locations.

How to tell if your septic tank needs to be pumped

Earlier model septic tanks have a rodding eye or access point just before the sewer line where it enters the tank. This is commonly known as a ‘mushroom’ or ‘policeman’s helmet’. If there is waste dispersing from this point or your gully trap and your amenities or facilities are blocked, this is a fair indication your tank is full.

Septic tanks commonly need to be pumped out on an average of every three to five years, but this can really depend on the capacity of your septic tank compared to the number of residents or visitors to the property and the overall usage of a tank in terms of what is running into it including solids and water.

Septic sludge and scum can build up in your septic tank, even when you have a soakage treatment area. The area around the septic tank can be an indicator, water accumulating around your tank from pipes and at the base of the tank can be a clear warning of a congested system. If your toilet reacts slowly when you flush it or your sink or shower drains slowly, it could be a sign your tank is full or clogged.

Wastech empty Greywater Holding Tanks

Holding tanks sit above the ground and store the greywater used from your property. Greywater is the water from basins, baths and showers (think your dishwasher, washing machine, laundry tub and the kitchen sink). Greywater must not be stored for extended periods of time in the tank as it contains substances such as fats, detergents, cleaning agents, dissolved metals, faecal matter and microbes which are harmful to human health. It is essential that greywater tanks are emptied entirely every time. The frequency that your greywater needs to be emptied really depends on the extent of greywater dispersed which varies a lot depending on households.

Wastech Services Central Otago is available 24/7, 365 days a year throughout the Central Lakes region. Just give us a call on 0800 800 591 or fill in the form below.

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